Identifying Types of Yachts

If you are ready to buy a yacht and you understand the responsibilities that it entails, you should pursue it by all means. The good news is that there are many yachts for sale out there. You just need to look for a trusted or reputable seller. When selecting, you have to rely on your years of experience when it comes to sailing to find the right fit for you.

Buying is easier for those who sailed several times. Narrowing their choices is not that daunting but if you are just new to sailing, you should allot more time coping up. The first thing that you should know is the different type of yachts. There are confusions surrounding the categories of yachts, which is why it is important that you dispel it at the onset.

Cockpit Motor Yacht

You have to know the different types of yachts by heart. Here are its types:


This kind of yacht features a single deck just above the hull with living quarters below. This yacht is one of the most famous choices because of its sleek and sporty looks. At the hardtop’s back part, there is a door that can be closed separating the salon and the open-air aft deck. There is a climate controlled indoor living quarters.


This yacht provides an area on the top of the structure that offers views around the vessel. The top has enough space for the control station not to mention lounging and seating space. This yacht presents the boaters with comfort and protection from the outside temperature. It boasts of full protection with indoor climate control. What makes this yacht appealing is its ample living space on the main deck because it has one help station, which is situated on the bridge.

Pilothouse Motor Yacht/Cockpit Motor Yacht

Pilothouse motor yachts/cockpit motor yachts refer to multiple-deck vessel, which boasts of larger interior main deck. It can be distinguished easily because it has a typical larger forward interior space but lesser outside bow area. If you plan to stay long periods afloat, this is the type of yacht that you should consider because it offers the greatest amount of living quarters per square foot. This yacht also presents different options for piloting because of the lower and upper helm station.

Tri-deck/Mega Yacht

From the name itself, this type of yacht offers three levels of enclosed living quarters. These yachts are usually 120 feet or more. There is a spacious flybridge above with many open areas for seating or lounging.


Sportfish is a type of yacht that is designed for fishing. Typically, this type of yacht offers spacious cockpit plus storage area for the baits, rods and the fishes. This yacht is usually faster and can handle rough seas. In terms of performance, sportfish is better than any other motor yachts.

Now that you know the different types of yachts, finding the right one for your needs will be easier. If it can help you narrow your choices, it is time that you talk to the experts to make an informed decision. The price point will depend on what yacht you choose.