Buying Guide to Picking the Perfect Shipping Container

Shipping containers these days are more than storing and transporting goods around the world. Its popularity rose when many people realized its versatility in terms of building other structures. Today, you will see shipping containers being modified to become structures like home, hotel, restaurant, mobile library, clinic and many more.

As an investor, your initial thought is davenport laroche – buying shipping containers and leasing it to other shipping companies. Without a doubt, this is a lucrative business because 90% of commercial trade use shipping containers. Shipping containers actually helped in the flourishing of the shipping industry.

use shipping containers

Leasing presents good income but if you are into another type of investment, it is time that you begin to search for the perfect shipping container. If you want to build a house or a restaurant out of a shipping container, you should know how to pick the right one. Here are things that you should think about when selecting the right shipping container:

Determine the size of the container

You have to know that there are many sizes of shipping containers. The first thing that you need to think about is the size that you need. Most shipping containers are 8 feet wide and 9 feet high. Other shipping containers are 20 feet and 40 feet long. Before you choose a size, the prudent thing to do is measure the space where you intend to put it. The rule is to leave at least 5 feet extra space on each side.

Decide if you want a new or used shipping container

The prices of the containers vary depending on the usage. If it is a new one, it tends to be expensive. If it is used, it will be cheaper. However, purchasing a used shipping container will need more effort on your part. Used shipping containers need more maintenance and care. It is important that you know how to care for it. Before buying, make a calculation first. If the cost you will spend for reconditioning a used one is more than the actual price of a new shipping container, it is wise to buy a new one.

Compare the prices

The next thing to do is to compare the prices of the shipping container. The good news is that many shipping companies will match the prices of their competitors so if you just compare the prices, you can find the best one. Do not settle for the first company you see. You should at least have a price range so you will not go overboard when choosing a shipping container.

Inquire about the delivery fees

After settling everything, you should ask about the delivery fees. There are companies that deliver the containers for free while others charge few hundred or thousand. To save more money, look for a local supplier. If the local supplier offers expensive prices, it is better to ask for other companies.

Check the features of the container

Containers are not just plain metal boxes. Containers have different features with the goal of storing the packages tightly and securely. There are containers with ventilation systems, ramps, collapsible sides, two doors, racks and many more.