Canister Vacuums vs Upright Vacuum Cleaners – Which Is The Best Choice?

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners are the best-selling products in the market these days. There are plenty for you to choose from, but selecting the best HEPA vacuum is not that easy. HEPA means High-efficiency Particulate Air. Filters can only be rated as HEPA if it is built with an ability to suction all of the particles that are .3 microns in size and above. They also need to have an efficiency level of 99.97%.

Most harmful particulates are .3 microns in size. These HEPA vacuum cleaners would be able to help keep your home free from dust, allergens, and other harmful particles. Their filters will be able to remove the allergens and dust that have settled on your furniture, your floors, and on your carpets.

Canister Vacuums

Canister Vacuums vs Upright Vacuum Cleaners

There are two types of HEPA vacuum cleaners. Your choice will depend on the size of your home and the type of floors that you have. Whether you have a carpeted floor or a bare hardwood floor, you need to have one of these HEPA vacuum cleaners to make sure that your home environment is clean and safe for your family, especially the kids and the elderly.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

These are the most common type of vacuum cleaner all around the world. They have a traditionally popular design. The motor and the suction head are within the same unit that the user has to push in front of him. These vacuum cleaners tend to be cheaper compared to the canister vacuums. They use motorized brushes so they are more efficient when it comes to cleaning carpets and rugs.

If you want to transition from floor to carpets, you can control these cleaners using your foot. No more need to bend unless you use a hose attachment. This is also very easy to store inside your closet. There are no accessories needed to dismount and they can be used without preparations. These cleaners usually have a wider cleaning path.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners.

The canister vacuum cleaners have a cleaning nozzle that is placed at the end of a wand. These are linked to the vacuum unit through a hose. The canister has an engine, filter, and dust bags. They are built with wheels for easy transport. You have plenty of choices when it comes to the engine size in canister vacuum cleaners. They are considered as the most powerful cleaners.

They have better suction and also better flow rate for faster cleaning, especially on your bare floors. These cleaners are lightweight and easy to carry around. They are very easy to operate because you only have to use a wand and not move the entire vacuum cleaner. They are more silent and can be equipped with different accessories.

Shark Rotator Pro Complete Lift-Away – The BEST HEPA Vacuum Cleaner This 2018

Shark Rotator Pro is built with two HEPA filters and an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. This is considered as a 3in1 upright vacuum cleaner and it never loses its suction technology. This vacuum cleaner can be converted to a handheld vacuum and also a canister vacuum, depending on your needs. It has a large dust cap and a dust away attachment which also comes with a microfiber pad, perfect for both carpet and hardwood floors. This is why it is considered as the best HEPA vacuum in the market these days.