Because of its vastness, the cargo and shipping industry can also encounter mistakes and errors during its daily operations in the busy piers around the world. Unfortunately, these mistakes often involve large sums of goods which can’t be returned to its owners whether by piracy, sea mishap or wrong cargo transportation which results in lost income and time.

To create a broader view about this common problem encountered by forwarding and Logistics Company in transporting goods, let us take a look at the very usual and common international shipping errors and what are the ways to avoid it. This article is prepared by davenport laroche container shipping.

transporting goods

  • CONFUSION ON REGULATIONS AND DESTINATION- Each country has its own specific customs requirements and standards that must be followed strictly or your cargo might end up stuck in the pier for days or even months if you can’t present any valid documentation. In order to prevent this problem, you have to compile all necessary requirements and certificates so that your cargo won’t get stuck in the pier and arrives at its point of destination on time. You should be updated with the trade laws and customs requirements of each country that are listed on your client’s shipment schedules. Much better is to hire a lawyer who is expert in customs law and regulations.
  • WRONG CARGO INFO- One of the silliest mistakes a person can do is providing the wrong information which creates a negative impact on both the client and the cargo shipping company. This kind of error results in loss of time and money. This is very crucial especially if its bound for international shipping. That is why it is very essential to safely package your product or container to ensure that it will arrive at its correct point of destination considering that each pier around the world accepts tons of container vans and shipping containers on a daily basis making it very difficult to identify which one was delivered to the wrong place unless the recipient of that cargo will file a formal complaint.
  • CHECK THE LABELS REGULARLY- Wrong address labeling won’t just delay the delivery of the cargoes and packages to its correct destination, it also increases the shipping charges because of the time it consumes while it is being tracked down by the forwarding or logistics company that is responsible in delivering it to the rightful recipient. You should always verify the address of the recipient repeatedly to ensure it won’t be delivered to the wrong address. This is very vital considering that not all shipping containers or container vans carry goods, some of it are carrying hazardous materials and wastes that need to be disposed of by experts.
  • HIRE A RELIABLE SHIPPING COMPANY- Since the shipping industry is huge and intricate business, a lot of forwarding and logistics company often do not care to their client’s benefits, instead, they would just carelessly send the cargoes without verification and tracking of its current destination. You should proactively hire a reliable shipping company that is trusted by many.