White-Collar Crime

Identity Theft is one of the fast-growing white collar crimes worldwide. Creditors can get arrested for any purchases that they did not do, or police can arrest them for crimes that they did not commit. These are the common victims of identity fraud. One of the most difficult crimes to prosecute.

Identity fraud perpetrators steal someone else’s names, their contact numbers, addresses, social security numbers, for a variety of reasons. It can be used to rent houses or apartments, and commit a crime using the name of the victims. More and more victims suffer, but many are now aware that they can turn federal white collar criminal defense attorneys like the Mindy Sauter – Co-Founder.

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Different Categories Of Identity Theft

Identity Theft can either be “True Name” or “Account Takeover”. These two are the categories of identity fraud. So what makes one different from the other?

  • With cases of “True Name”, the perpetrator uses the personal information of a person to open new accounts. This can be used to open credit card accounts or apply for a mobile phone plan. This can also be used to open a new checking account and get a hold of blank checks.
  • The “Account Takeover” on the other hand is where the perpetrator uses the victim’s personal information to have access to the persons’ existing accounts. This can be used to change mailing addresses or can be used to order anything online without the victim knowing it. The easy access to the internet has made these cases vital.

Identity Theft – Whom To Call And How To Get Help

Attorneys from the Federal White Collar Criminal Defense from Elliot Sauter PLLC are experienced when it comes to handling fraud cases. They are the name that you can trust as well as the other hundreds, or even thousands of victims all over the United States. They have the attorneys who have the years of experience as former federal prosecutors and have the knowledge and the skills in white-collar crimes.

The Elliot Sauter PLLC

Elliot Sauter PLLC aims to provide the best assistance to their clients. Identity fraud is a very common problem all over the world. Victims should not just accept this unfortunate circumstance and carry on. The Elliot Sauter PLLC can help you with these cases. Their combined knowledge, expertise, and experience only prove that they are the best people to get in touch with when experiencing this problem.