Is there any valid reason why Botanik Residence is highly wanted by everyone?

A reputable real estate developer Tuan Sing Holdings opted to buy huge property found in Hillview area which is greatly intended for residential development. The Botanik Residence which is found in area 1 Jalan Remaja will soon rise which will be consisting of 100 units of homes. The property was bought by Tuan Sing Holdings from Andermatt investment private limited amounting to $7.8.  This newly developed residential project is highly wanted not only for the homeowners but to the stakeholder as well.

Do you think residents in Botanik Residence feel satisfied with the facilities offered by the developer?

The Botanik Residence 1 Jalan Remaja which can be found in fully equip with exclusive  facilities which includes a guard house for the residents safety and security, clubhouse, function room for family gatherings,  indoor gym for health conscious people, tennis court for sports-minded residents, swimming pool for children and adult who wants to cool off their warm feelings, sundeck, BBQ pits and children’s park. Be  entertain in a very calm and peaceful lifestyle right in the heart of Hillview.

homeowners of Botanik Residence fortunate

What makes the homeowners of Botanik Residence fortunate?

The residents of The Botanik Residence condo are considered lucky for all their daily needs could just be found near the vicinity. Everything they want to buy is found in  Rail Mall and West Mall. Another newly opened shopping center is the hillV2 which is just a few walks away from The Botanik Residence.

Variety of alluring items and household items could be seen in the business shopping mall, where it is just located a few steps from Botanik residence. Some of the most famous stopping points in this place are Cedele, the popular Starbucks, joyden Canton Kitchen for irresistible cuisine, and wine collection for those who love to sip of some of the finest wines. For residents who like Italian cuisine could also have the chance to eat their favorite Italian cuisine together with their families and friends.

A Perfect place for gaining knowledge, stay in Botanik Residence 1 Jalan Remaja:

Prestigious schools can also be found in Botanik Residence These schools give so many advantages for parents and children alike. For parents, they can save more money for they won’t spend any more on the daily fare of their children, for the school is just walking distance from their respective homes. Time and effort could also be saved by parents especially with small children going to school. For kids, they spend less time traveling and have more time for doing their assignment and extracurricular activities.

Homeowners are lucky to have a wonderful place to dwell together with family and loved ones. An amazing and unique place where comforts await everyone.