The Kids Section

It is common for every fashion wear to have a collection for kids’ section. It is the desire of every parent to dress up their kid in the best colors of the world and this is the driving force for the designers to come up with new and innovative designs for the kids wear. Seeing a kid being dressed up in the best possible fabric donned with the attractive of colors just make someone’s day special. This article is all about one such website named Little Bunny that has a wide range of kids’ fabrics including 아동복.

Kid's Wear

About the website

Little Bunny is an online website that offers a wide range of kids’ fashion, like top, bottom, dress, look book, shoes, dress, accessories, seasonal wears and 아동복. It consists of the following sub-sections that make the website lively and provide a myriad of choices for the parents to choose for their children: –

  • 10% daily- It includes the selected items that are available at 10% discount only for that particular day and these items keep varying from one day to the other. For example, for today the top choices are Bibi Pants, Frill Pants, Ribbon Cardigan and Summer Jacket.
  • Top- It includes the top wear available in different colours, patterns and designs. This category is further segregated into two halves, namely T-shirts or knitwear and Shirts or Blouses. The prices of these pieces range from 4000 won to 15000 won.
  • Bottom- These include the bottom wear and are further segregated into skirts and leggings that match with any kind of top wear and suit any girl perfectly.
  • Dress- It includes the one-piece dress sets made of linen and gown materials that are very soft to the skin of the kids and do not get discoloured even on heavy washing.
  • Outer wear- This includes the additional outer wear over the normal dress like ribbon cardigan, summer jacket and an ordinary cardigan.
  • Shoes- One of the most sought after items for every fashion freak out there, starting from Grande to Juju varieties, name anything and you would find it easily over here.
  • Seasonal Wear- It includes the latest collection of the particular season.
  • Accessories- It includes the various accessory items that go handy with the fashion like bags, hats, necklaces, socks, shawls and 아동복.