Advantages of Crypto Currencies

How safe are Crypto Currencies? Before we start discussing about the advantages of Crypto Currencies let’s have a simple introduction about what it is? It is a digital currency that is accepted all through the world in terms of standard currency. Built on encrypted Crytpgraphy technology is functional under the process of Crypto mining where money transferred between the peers and central banking systems through blockchain digital ledger and not regulated by any government or neither is issued by centralized banks. This electronic money is not stable all through the time and varies in terms of profit and loss %. This Virtual Currency or Alternative Currency is used by people nowadays for doing online shopping or other money transactions. To your surprise there are more than 1600 kripto para birimleri available online in the market in order of capitalization. The new one can be built at any time using cryptography technology.

Popular Crypto Currencies

List of Popular Crypto Currencies:

Today many functional websites are allowing the individuals to convert their digital currency into real money and get transferred into their bank accounts or vice versa. It being an intangible currency is widely used to buy, sell and transfer billion of dollars on every single day. They are listed according to capitalization in the blockchain network as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BAT, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monroe, NEO, Ripple and Stellar.

Advantages of Crypto Currency:

There are many benefits of this digital currency and investing in your business not only benefits their business but the buyers also.

  1. It is available for general people and is easy to access from any part of the world.
  2. It is quickest mode of payments and transfer of money with low transactions fee using your wallet account and is not regulated by any third party like banks for processing neither asks for your credit or debit card details.
  3. The blockchain network is faster and eases the transactions between peer to peer without the need of middleman.
  4. The transactions charges are very less compared to credit card processing or when you are in need to generate your monthly account statements. You can even take part International trading (money transfer) without any form of hindrance.
  5. The Crypto currency is decentralized and remains private and anonymous, where the details of buyer/seller and other transactions are kept confidential in the blockchain technology.


Thus it is advantageous to choose a profitable kripto para birimleri based on its current price, market cap, volume, and last % change to make more money. Being private and anonymous this digital gold is very fast and comfortable for transactions in black market and is also used in other unlawful activities.