Make Way For Alexis Assadi

Many people dream of becoming financially independent. They aim for the time when they can build multiple streams of passive income. Financial freedom is when your assets are able to pay enough monthly revenue to replace your expenses. Most people would take on two jobs to achieve that but even so their income is not enough to make ends meet. Not many are as lucky as Alexis Assadi, who at the age of 26 has achieved financial freedom.

His Success Story

Assadi started investing at the age of 19. He had no background in business. Alexis Assadi was studying political science. However, he was curious about how to make money by using money. He experimented on various mutual funds such as stocks and ETFs. Like any trader, there were times he made money, there were times he lost.

investor and entrepreneur

But Assadi did not give up on his dream. He studied the art and science of business, investing, and entrepreneurship. When he was 23 years old, he learned about passive income. He considered it as the turning point in his life. He realized that it was possible to build assets that could generate revenue into his bank account every month. In a span of three years, Assadi accumulated a substantial amount of assets. The first payments were small but accumulated quickly.

Investor and Entrepreneur

Alexis Assadi is now a full-time investor and entrepreneur. He now manages several businesses such as Pacific Income Capital Corporation and other companies within Assadi Capital Partners. Aside from investing in real-estate deals, Assadi also helps finance local businesses. It is this desire to help aspiring entrepreneurs and investors that he established a small mentorship program.

Mentoring Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The goal of Assadi’s mentorship program is to pass on his knowledge of passive income by helping them acquire revenue producing assets.  The program consists of three main components:

1-on-1. This consists of over the phone, email, and sometimes face-to-face conversations.  Assadi caters his ideas to the needs of his mentee. He offers lifetime access to his program. In most cases, the partnership extends beyond mentor/mentee relationship.

Online Videos. If the mentee has some questions that can be beneficial to the others in the program, they can submit it through a password-protected portal. Assadi then posts a video response so the others can see it as well.

Online Self-Study. Assadi created a 50+ page online course on how to build a stream of passive income. It includes notes and quizzes designed for the students to study at their own pace.