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That is soda blasting? How does it translate to better pool cleaning services? Let us take a look, shall we? Soda blasting is actually the same as sandblasting, except instead of sand being used as abrasive, it instead uses sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. It is not the same one as in your baking supply in the kitchen but a coarser version of it. It has a lot of advantage over the traditional sandblasting technique and these advantages make it ideal for removing grime, water stains, and calcification in pool accent tiling.

Unaffected Substrate

Soda blastings unique advantage over other abrasives is that it does not harm the underlying substrate. This is especially useful for glass and glazed surfaces. Sand will have an etched effect on these surfaces, making that particular abrasive useless on tiles. Because baking soda has a unique “softness” it makes it ideal for tile cleaning, easily removing grime and calcification deposits without harming the tile surfaces themselves. This method will bring back the tiles to almost brand new conditions, making it a popular addition to any swimming pool service and repair phoenix.

Easier Waste Disposal

swimming pool service and repair phoenix

In pool applications, soda blasting really comes into play as the easiest to dispose of. Sodium bicarbonate DISSOLVES in water and can be rinsed directly into water drains without additional treatment. Pure sodium bicarbonate is actually beneficial to water waste treatment systems.

Removes Odors

The same effect that baking soda in a refrigerator is famous for can be also had with soda blasting. As you remove calcification, so does unwanted odors in your pool. This replaces dangerous and most toxic chemicals used for degreasing purposes.


Aside from this, sodium bicarbonate is safe for the workers, will not harm anyone by inhalation,  nor does it irritate the eyes. It also does not harm via dermal contact.

 Will not Clog

Because pure sodium bicarbonate is soluble in water, it is quite easy to flush out through small pipes that may be in danger of being clogged up. Just have the water run through and it will dissolve any build up.

While there are limitations to soda blasting, such as having less cleaning power than sandblasting, it is perfect for pool cleaning work. Another limitation would be that if the material to be removed has really bonded on to the substrate, the sodium bicarbonate may not fully remove it. This applies to extremely durable painting though and not water stains. For the pool cleaner though, this is a welcome addition to his cleaning arsenal.