The Latest Innovation Of Softball Bats You Should Try

The advanced technology today changes the production way softball bats the last decade. Unlike the traditional bats, it is no longer made of aluminum. The bat these days are durable enough and made of composite, for being a material that the ball jumps off of.  Depending on the age level of the player, there are certain regulations on the bat’s usage in the game. Buying a new softball bat can be overwhelming because of the wide choices in the market. To make the search way easier, visit You can have the relevant information that helps you make the entire process simpler. By following the guide, you will never have the reason not to get the right bat that fits your needs.

Choosing the Material for your Bat

In choosing the material of your bat, it is way better to choose between wood and non-wood. The bat made of wood is for the professionals, practice bats, and tournaments. Thus, you need to settle on a non-wood bat, this material comes in many types. You should the differences in choosing this bat to have what is best for you.

Composite Bats

The Composite Bats

Composite bats usually out of a layered material like of the carbon fiber. This type of bat makes you have an easy control of the weight distribution of the bat. Yet, make sure to choose the bat that has a balanced weight or end-loaded, depending on the style.

Using the composite bats can help reduced vibration to the hands. This type can cut the sting from a miss-hit ball and it has a larger sweet spot for a better performance. It is quite expensive for it comes from a more complex process. This bat doesn’t break easily which is great for a long game.

When using this type of bat make sure to hit between 150-200 with a regular softball, not the rubber cage one. You should rotate the bat each time you hit the ball to ensure your bat lasts a long time. Make sure to have the proper way to break in your composite bat. Hitting your bat against a tree will damage the bat and void the manufacturer warranty.

The Alloy Bats

Alloy bats have been around longer than composite. This type of bats are less expensive and doesn’t need a break-in time, unlike the composite type. These bats are somehow durable enough that will last longer even when they get damaged. This won’t crack when hit to some solid things but rather dent. Once damaged, you need not worry, you can still use this type of bat. Yet, make sure the bat isn’t damaged where a barrel ring can no longer fit around the barrel. This will still be useful and can be legal for game use.

Choosing the best bats for you can be overwhelming. Yet, if you like both alloy and composite, you can likewise make a hybrid bat. this type of bat is a combined finish of both composite and alloy bat. It looks like a bat with a composite handle and an alloy barrel. Getting a hybrid bat with a composite handle reduces vibration. The alloy barrel is essential for the performance and cost savings. The choice is yours, make sure to pick what you want that gives you the comfort when in game.