Combatant Gentlemen

First impressions matter especially if you deal with partners and other stakeholders every day. For important business dealings, how you project yourself is important. You can start by wearing a well-fitting suit. Wearing a suit can have a dramatic effect on how you want others to perceive you.

There are plenty of selections out there but you have to remember that an ill-fitting suit will never look good. To find the right Combatant Gentlemen suit, you should consider the following things:

Combatant GentlemenSuit measurement guide
If you choose the right suit, you will feel comfortable. In terms of measurement, you have six things to remember:
• Shoulders: shoulder pads can give the illusion of having a broader shoulder.

Remember that pads should lie flat and should not bulge beyond the shoulders.
• Jacket length: the length of the jacket should fall comfortably in a straight line. The bottom of the draping should be over the top of the buttocks but not lower than the knuckles.
• Sleeve length: the length should not fall lower than the thumb’s base.
• Closure: the jacket should fit around your stomach. It shouldn’t be too tight to avoid gaping at the buttons.
• Seat: the seat should not pull tight against the buttocks.
• Trouser break: the point where the trousers meet your shoe.

The color of the suit
The color you choose can convey your message efficiently. There are different colors  – you just have to find the appropriate one depending on your objective. For instance, navy-colored suits exude power and authority. Earth tones, on the other hand, build rapport and easy communication. The blue and gray hues convey a good worth ethic. Black is your most formal color while charcoal reflects your trustworthiness.

Buttons of the suit

There are different types of buttons that you can consider. You can choose from:

• Three buttons: three button suits were big in the 1990s but it is a bit stuffy. This type works well with taller gentlemen.
• Two buttons: two buttons suit is the most common type. This is perfect for men who want to create an illusion of an elongated torso.
• One button: one button suits actually create a sharp look. However, this style is not for everyone.

The lining of the suit jackets
Most men consider lining for aesthetic reasons but in truth, it can add structure and weight to the suit. Keep in mind that a fully lined suit is warmer and heavier. As a result, the jacket lays nicely over the contours of the body.

Combatant Gentlemen

Jacket pocket
There are different pocket options depending on the utility and levels of formality. Here’s a list of different pocket options:
• Jetted pocket: this is considered the most formal pocket. It lays flat to the suit with it being sewn into the lining of the jacket.
• Flapped pocket: this is slightly less formal. However, it is more practical than jetted pockets because it prevents the contents from falling out.
• Chest pocket: it is usually square-shaped or angled crown pocket. For this pocket, you should not store items like phone or keys because it will distort its shape.
• Internal pocket: this is perhaps the most useful of all pockets because it will allow you to pull out things in great fashion.