If you are confused and starting to get stressed with the process of selecting the proper and right granite slabs for your kitchen countertops, worry no more because we talked to experts on this matter to give you the best tips available in choosing the best granite countertops that are available in the market.

Before we proceed in revealing the tips, just a fun fact, there is actually a vast choice of granite with 200 colours available and to choose from, and most likely, all of these variants are naturally beautiful and stunning to see and quite a number of these granite colours can go very well with your kitchen countertops, cabinets and other furniture, that is why getting stressed out because of the overwhelming number of choices is part of it already but just like any problems, there is a solution to it.


So here are the three most useful tips that we compiled in choosing the right colour and slab of granite.

blue granite countertops

Tip Number 1

Your first choice is most likely the best selection you have- This is because this one caught your attention in the first place and it matches your kitchen countertop and even your kitchen cabinet very well because of its colour. One of the most popular varieties of granite countertops is the blue granite countertops which match a lot of kitchens, but this depends on the colour of your kitchen’s interior paints and walls. Since it caught your attention, it means it matches perfectly but there are reasons that you are holding back of making the decision to buy it. If you fell in love with a granite kitchen countertop, at first sight, do not let it go of it and head straight to the counter to buy it.

Tip Number 2

Having that glitters that appear on the granite are actually your choice. You may have noticed that a lot of granite colours are filled with glitters which are actually Mica flakes which are actually crystals. If your choice is to buy a granite that has glittering mica crystals on it, do not hesitate to buy it or if you want to buy a granite countertop that is smooth and has a single colour that has no glittering accent, then go for it as well.

Tip Number 3

Be specific with the grades of granites- A lot of consumers fall into the confusion of choosing different types of grades of granites. Granites have a lot of grades which are varied according to its price. Currently, there are six grades of granites that are categorized alphabetically and are sort out from the cheapest to the most expensive, but Grade F granite which is the most expensive variant of the grades possesses also the best quality while A has the lowest. However, it is not always all the time that these granites possess the same quality, and most of the time these are categorized according to prices so be sure to check it twice before buying.