Top 5 Reasons Hunters Suck in World of Warcraft

It is common knowledge that the Hunter class is the most popular class for noobs to play in World of Warcraft. Why? Because they are the easiest to level. But, there is an overload of chip hunters in the game, and most players avoid hunters because there are so many. So, instead of focusing on why you should play a toon hunter.

Below are top five reasons why hunters 먹튀 in World of Warcraft:

  1. There are many other hunters

That’s a bad thing, because there will always be other hunters who will do the same missions as you, completing the group locations, and the prices of your armor and weapons will increase because there are more requests for them. Therefore, you will end up disgusted with your level 70 fighter after completing power leveling.

  1. Hunters have problems being picked up by groups

Most groups only need one hunter, and some players do not care at all to have a hunter in their group. Healers are the most necessary because they are very few. Spellcasters like wizards and sorcerers are the next class to look for, and a wizard can take the place of a hunter because they have a subject that can do as much damage as a hunter’s pet.

overload of chip hunters

  1. Hunters must constantly train new pets to acquire new skills

This means that you will leave that cat or boar that you like in a few levels to win a new pet that you have to train and then learn a new skill. Yes, that’s part of the game, but it’s always difficult to find a new pet and train it in all the skills that other pets already knew. And, you will always train new pets throughout the game.

  1. Hunting equipment is more expensive

This is due to the large number of hunters in the game, which means that when you go to the auction house to improve your armor or weapons, you will pay more than other classes. due to the demand for hunting equipment. It also means that you must find ways to earn more money so you can update your equipment when you need it.

  1. The other hunters will always fight with you

 As there are thousands of other hunters in World of Warcraft, you will always find that the mission you need to finish, the booty you want or the carpets you need to collect, have usually been obtained by another hunter. This means you will have to wait for the object or the crowd reappears and are added to their playing time. Although this does not seem huge, it can become very annoying.