Best Mobile Plans with Data

The telecom industry is very vast. Today with number of mobile operators and plenty of mobile plans it is not hard to choose a plan that contains both tele services and data access. The mobile plans are divided into two: first pre-paid and the other post-paid plans. Both of them are accessible with and without Data plans. There are few plans with mobile hot spots for streaming videos which let you experience the HD videos with high-speed and good volume. There are different plans for everybody to access on daily basis, the others include unlimited, pre-paid, individual, family, seniors and no data plans.

This article is related to the different categories of mobile plans that are accessible with data for high performance and network. Choose the one that is best for you. Now let’s get into brief to know in detail about each kind with a specific plan. According to your needs choose the plan that runs on your mobile device.

  • Everyday Plan: It includes Sprint Unlimited Plus that is less expensive that is available among four national carriers at individual rate plans.
  • Unlimited Plan: It includes Boost Mobile that provides you 12 GB mobile hot spot for video streaming with high definition up to 480p. It is worth dollar-for-dollar to avail unlimited talk, SMS and data charged at $50 per month.
  • Pre-paid Plan: It includes Mint Sim that is inexpensive prepaid solution that works on T-Mobile network such as 4G LTE. You can make unlimited calls, text and access data.
  • Individual Plan: It includes Project Fi that is an individual with best features that is very cheap. Access the data which you are in need of and credit the balance into next month plan. It is applicable for both Sprint and T-Mobile networks with 4G LTE coverage that works nationwide.
  • Family Plan: It includes Cricket Wireless that is a family plan, cheapest and works for all the family members in budget. Being subsidy of AT&T it allows unlimited calls, texting and data usage. It is great offer for the users who are travelling overseas to access international plans that also includes 8 GB mobile hot spot plan.
  • Seniors Plan: It includes Consumer Cellar that is inexpensive and accessible to seniors to stay peace of mind. Keeps them at bay with unnecessary data and unlimited calls that affect their monthly budget and becomes bit expensive. It works better when they are need emergency assistance and provides them 250MB of data with unlimited texting.
  • No Data Plan: It includes Republic wireless with unlimited calls and text messages without data priced $15/month. Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks works with 4G LTE when the WiFi calling is off and boosts when strong signal strengths.


There are different plans for each individual to cater their needs and usage. Select a plan that allows you unlimited calls, texts and use data which you are in need.