Creators can be defined as a person that creates things. Thye can be artists, cooks, writers, chefs, investors, musician, animators, directors, artists, engineers, technician, any many more. Anyone can be a creator, you just need to figure out how to make things based on what you have. The world needs creators to make the world push forward whether its technology, movies or many more. Creators often challenge the status quo, the current situation and from there they build something new that no one has seen or done before.

If there was a place that creators go to that harbors their creativity, its no other than the movie industry. It has a ton of genres to go on like action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, educational, family, fantasy, horror, for kids, musical, mystery, reality, romance, sci-fi, sports, and thriller. Aside from that, they have the necessary elements in bringing to life the thing is that people deemed impossible (like superheroes). But creativity isn’t just about having the equipment, you also need skill, you need an idea and you need an opportunity.


You need skill: Being creative is not inborn but honed thru constant exposure and practice, while there are people that learns this informally, there are some that needs to learn it like going into film school and so on just to know, hone and practice it. People wanted to be anyone that they want but in order to become that a person they have to develop their skills and they need to be in the environment that fosters it. Creating something out of an idea is hard especially if you don’t have the necessary tools and environment to do it.

You need an idea: Creation starts with an idea “a light bulb situation” if you may. The idea is the starting stage, something that a person can go for to start what they need to start. Its the drive to create something or not and say you’re a filmmaker.  it’ not just simply about having an idea, but also the drive to continue and finish that idea against all odds like deadlines, budget constraints and many more.

You need an opportunity: There is a reason why any directors are able to do what they want to do like being in the location, have the cast, have these crew and have these equipment and its all about having that opportunity. Opportunity to be funded by a well-known studio, and do the things that are necessary. Not all people or creators rather are given that opportunity and this is where Logan Sekulow comes into the picture.

What does Logan Sekulow have to do in this picture exactly? He is only the owner of Laugh-O-Gram studio, a studio that is under the guidance of a well-known studio called Walt Disney. Logan Sekulow is a director and a producer and with Laugh-O-Gram, people are given the opportunity to have access to various state of the art and up to date equipment that is not always available especially for starting creators.