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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check is a 17 characters number, comprised of both digits and alphabets, provides full report of a vehicle’s history when requested. Every car have their own identification number and it is unique. With these 17 characters, one can understand the car features, manufacturer and specifications of car. VIN provides a detail report about a vehicle’s registration, thefts details, insurance, damages, warranty and recalls. By uncovering vehicle’s history, the report brings transparency to the sales and gains buyer’s confidence.Several companies offers VIN Checks from reliable sources for free and sometimes ask for payment incase of full detailed report.

17 Characters

ppsr check

A specific code is given for every car, based on its type, specifications, features and manufacturer and this code is unique and not repeated for another car. VIN is comprised of 17 characters that is a combination of captial alphabets and digits. VIN Check is performed only with this specific code, which provides information about vehicle description and registration, recalls, warranty claims, theft records, insurance coverage, damages caused by floods or storm, finance details such as secured parties, money owing and contact details. A few years ago, length of VIN is less than 17 characters and usually varied from 11 to 17 characters, so if you find the number of characters is less than 17, then it could possibly be old model car.Few websites are designed only to report for 17 character VIN, and older version VIN information is limited from many websites.

Number and Letters

                Let’s assume a VIN is some 1HGBK41JXMN109186, and to explain this, the first most character ‘1’ of VIN explains, where was the vehicle built and ‘HG’, the second and third characters indicates the manufacturer. From characters four to eight, that is ‘BK41J’ portraits vehicle brand, type and engine size and eighth character ‘J’ along with second and third characters ‘HG’ indicates the vehicle’s fuel type. The ninth character, ‘X’, indicates security code identifying VIN as being authorized by the manufacturer. The model of the car is identified by tenth character, ‘M’, while with the eleventh character, indicates whatplantis assembled. And the last six characters that is ‘109186’ are the serial number of the vehicle.Thus, one can obtain the report on vehicle’s full history with 17 character VIN.