Online Dating

Online dating is a type of dating service that is done online thru a dating platform. These platforms have been very popular as one of the earlier means of communication that bridged various people from various walks of life to get a date. Since these apps foster human interaction, it’s highly in doubt that these dating apps will lose its touch in the near future. This is also because there are things that you can only do if you have a dating app which will be discussed below.

iterations of dating apps

Earlier iterations of dating apps are online email services, remember the movie You Got Mail? When online became big, chat services was the new norm and then calls, then video calls, then it went to apps as well when smartphones and wireless internet became a thing. While email online dating became obsolete in the 1990s, this wasn’t the case with chat services, this is because it’s a different live channel that is still more fun than talking to a person on the other line. The question has always been, what are the benefits of online dating?

Its easier to find a date: The thing about online dating is that people that downloads and uses these apps or services are people that are looking for a date, this means that these applications have already saved you a ton of time and money just to find a perfect date because the app already has laid the foundation for you. You no longer have to go to a perfect stranger to ask for a date and hope that they are not taken and they want to get hitched. With the online dating platform this is already given and this can only mean that you will get a higher chance of hooking up with someone in these places.

Rejection is easier to take: They say that asking someone on a date personally is very brave and they weren’t wrong, the problem with walking into someone and asking for a date is a 50-50 chance and if you get rejected (god forbid). It’s very painful to be rejected live, but if you got rejected thru chat it wouldn’t be that painful. Part of “why it’s not too painful” is because you cant see the person on the other end and how they look like when they reject you. So if you want that “soft rejection” try online dating.

Its easy to recover from rejection: Its also easy to recover from rejection not just because your not talking personally, but also because there are a lot of people that you can chat right away. Heck, you can even chat to multiple people all at the same time, so if you got rejected by two people there are still several people that can still be a potential date and if those people rejected you as well, then there are still thousands of members to message.

Online dating is more than just the dating, it has bridged the gap of communication and made dating into something that can be flexible. But aside from that, there are many reasons and benefits in this form of dating. Its easier to find a date, even the rejection isn’t that hard and its way easier to recover thanks to the many opportunities that you can find in the platform.