Military & SWAT headsets

Military & SWAT headsets are basically headsets that are tactical in nature, heavy duty and quite frankly isn’t geared into the “good looks” department on things. Its all about performance, clarity on communication and durability. If you are either in the Special Weapons And Tactics or The Military and you need a good headset for combat, you know that your typical commercial headsets just wouldn’t do.

Your special needs are what matters especially in life or death situations and if your in one of those teams mentioned above, then you need special types of headsets that will serve you well and perform well when you need it to. These tactical headsets are all about performance, it protects the user from background noise, impulse noise, and gunfire that can leave a person’s hearing impaired and when your in a middle of an operation, that is considered as a handicap that you can’t afford to have. Because in combat you do need all your senses intact.

tactical headsets

Proper noise isolation: Noise isolation is the key to a good tactical headset especially in operations. During operations, communication is the key to a successful operation and a failed one. Even if you got a tactical headset that has a good speaker, or mic, if it doesn’t have a good isolation, communications will still be a challenge especially if things get a little heated up and people are starting to shoot at each other.

Heavy duty: Tactical comms should be durable, no excuses. It should give you an unparalleled performance that you don’t get in a headset. For the most part, ordinary headsets like the ones that are being sold mainstream (not tactical) are often regarded to as delicate pieces of equipment. If those things lasted a year or two then you either took care of it really really good or your product was outstanding. With tactical headset is expected to last more than that.

Comfort is also a feature: What most people don’t usually pay attention to is the feature (like padded ear cups for comfort), when in fact this is important as well. Comfort in a tactical headset is essential because you don’t know how long you’re going to wear it, it can be more than 6 hours or so. You need a headset that can still provide you comfort in those times and make you feel not bothered by it. If you want to endure long hours of fighting with a proper communication equipment, a tactical headset should provide you with utmost comfort.

There’s a certain ring to the term “tactical” while it can be associated with tough and rugged, its not always associated with good looks and for a very good reason. Military and Swat headsets are supposed to look good, its supposed to function well even in difficult situations, its supposed to be heavy duty like the people that used them and it should be comfortable enough even in long hours of use. Communication is the key to a good operation and a good tactical military grade headset is that line between success and failure of a mission. If you need some good ones, got you covered.