Your Life is In Your Hands: A Quick Guide To Palmistry

Palm reading is common in India and practices all throughout the world. This practice predicts one’s future through astrology or palm reading. This process will read your hand to actually find out what your fate is from the imprinted lines in your palm. Palmistry and Divination reading the palm lines is the most popular method out there. This method goes over the shape of your hands, the length of your fingers and the lines in your palms. Some of the experts will give you an insight into your future but never let anyone dull your shine. Take these readings as inspiration or guide to what traits you should change for the better. Keep in mind that these are all predictions and might not be accurate at some point.

Palmistry and Divination

Reading The Lines

The lines in your palm are unique. They are much likely classified ad Heartline, Headline, Lifeline, and Fate Line. You need to know these factors to grasp whatever your readings are. This way, you won’t be asking of what and how the thing works. Yet, always remember that none of these readings are accurate. At some point, this might relate to your life-event.

Heart Line. This reading has everything to do with love. You have a satisfying love if the line starts with your index finger. Some would say that if it starts under your middle finger, you can be selfish in love. If you find yourself falling in love easily, then the line starts between those two fingers. If you have a short line that can mean that love is not a priority for you and you are more interested in other things. Your hearts break easily if your heart line touches your lifeline. The wavy lines denote easy and comfort in love. The straight line shows that you are very practical when it comes to love.

Headline. This one is about intellect and wisdom. If you have a curve line, then you are more creative and spontaneous. If you have a straighter line, then you have a practical approach to learning. You put weight on physical acts than intellectual ones if you have a short headline. You can be easily distracted if you have a wave line. Whereas a deeper, straight line often denotes a focused and intense thinker.

Lifeline. This line shows your destiny or general well-being. If you have a closer line to your thumb then you have lower energy and often loves to sleep. Otherwise, your curvy lines denote that you have a lot of energy. If you have a straighter line and stays close to the edge of your palm, you are cautious in most relationships. You have a lot of inner strength and vitality if you have a deeper line. The shorter line means that you can be easily manipulated by others. Knowing these lines can somehow have a major change in your life.

Fate-line. This is somehow related to your lifeline. If you can’t find yours, you need not worry, not everyone has this line. You are very controlled by destiny if you have a deep fate line. While a shallow or very broken line can show your life changing a lot.

If you want to keep reading up on palmistry, you can find out so much more information. You will understand more about your knuckles, finger shapes, and other influences. No matter what your reading is, don’t get too much on it. Your life might change, but make sure to change for the better.