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Birthday’s are special for everyone alike, be it young or old. When it comes sweet 16 or 18 or any special milestone then, it is much dearer to us; be it for us or for our loved ones. Parties, surprises, gathering, bringing friends and family together and much more are looked forward to on this special event.

How to make this event of a near and dear one’s birthday special with a limousine service has to be planned well for a coordinating travel. Hiring a limousine for a night out for the special one has couple of highlights that one is sure to enjoy on their special day.

Arrive in style-The guest of honor of the birthday is sure to feel that attention and pampered being the star of the show when a limousine comes to pick him/her to the party. Everyone else, who have been scheduled to accompany according to the accommodation, gather up and follow him or her. It is best to gather at a meeting point together so that the event is enjoyed right from the pickup. This can also act like a cheer up for a surprise reveal of limousine and a surprise party. Having gathered at one point and picked up together, gift exchanges, cocktail hour and other activities can be planned out while the limo is taking its route. Enjoy the ride and together in style and relaxation.

limousine pick up

Convenient Luxury– A limousine pick up is a get together for a large number of party members to be picked up instead of every one driving and eventually gathering at one place. This helps in coordination and also allows one to enjoy the travel views, locations and dinner at the designated restaurant, and last but not the least, the party. For younger group, an ice-cream parlor, a fancy diner, a trampoline park, etc., can make the right place enjoyable. For the adult group, a night club could be a nice location.

Nobody is left out from party- Whenever there are guests in group and no one is to be missed for the celebration, a limousine is the best way to gather them together to not miss on the fun and also be together all through the event with your special one. A limousine driver will make sure that each one boards and gets to their destination securely and safely.

Birthday planning– Some limousine service providers also offer birthday add-ons like decorations, stocking on beverages, selected music to be played on the trip and other planning ideas for the birthday to be even more lavish.

Some ideas for women

Stop at her favorite restaurant for brunch and champagne followed by a spa with pedicures, manicures, facials and a massage. Go on for a shopping day and celebrate and relax at her favorite lounge.

Some Ideas for Men

Take him to his much adored sporting event followed by paint ball or bowling. Based on his interests, to a movie or a horse race and so on. Enjoy food at a barbeque restaurant. Finish your day at a night club.

A birthday party with a limousine service is the best gift that no one can forget and cherish for lifetime.