Drinks For You

Most of the fruit drinks that is available in the market will have the sugar added to it for the purpose of sweet and almost 90% of the drinks contain the sugar. You can check the fact in the ingredients list printed and pasted in the bottle. Also the fact with the sugar added naturally you will be having high calorie by consuming the drink. This is the main reason some of the fitness freak does not go for this kind of drinks.

fruit drinks

Safe to drink without any worry

Coconut pineapple is one of the several flavors manufactured by Sparkling Ice. All of the drinks produced by them contain nil sugar and nil calories. If you don’t trust this information, you can check the facts by yourself by visiting the e commerce websites where it is getting sold. Also, then you will get a chance to go through the items contained in the drink. Some of the ingredients in this drinks are carbonated water, malic acid along with natural flavors, coconut water concentrated along with vitamins B3,B12, B5, D3 A and B6.

They advise you to store it in cool place for better results. You can serve 24 servings for every container of 8 fluid ounces.  Also this drink is not recommended for the kids below 4 years and it is recommended for serving for adults only based on their health status. Though there are couple of negative reviews you can find but overall support for the drink is pretty high as it does not boost up the calorie which you need to burn again through exercises.  It is better to have this no sugar no calorie drink rather than drink high calorie drink and sweat it out later. Buy and enjoy the drink in the comfort of your home.