Spotify plays

Suppose you are looking for an option to try music streaming services, then one name that may certainly come up is Spotify. This is the best and highly popular options for the music streaming. Competition in the field is very strong; however, Spotify has built the reputation and has got millions of users all over the world who do not even think to switch to any other services like Google Play Music and Apple Music. Would you like to know more? Then you are at the right place since we will talk about some benefits of using Spotify plays.

Spotify Free & Spotify Premium

Let us start with a fact that the Spotify provides free & paid membership. With Spotify free, one cannot enjoy several features that the Premium option provides. But, you may listen to music that you love on a go, make your playlists, share the music, discover new music and playlists with friends, and lots more. However, if you select to subscribe to the Spotify Premium, you can enjoy the complete Spotify experience.

Spotify Premium

Premium Features of Spotify

I already have mentioned what one can expect if they go with Spotify free. Now, let me list some cool features of Spotify Premium. You will listen to your favorite music when you’re offline, access to over 30 million songs and travel to different countries with your favourite music, have ad-free experience, you can play Spotify on your car or TV.

Look for Different Spotify Premium Plans

Spotify provides different membership plans, for more information you can visit You may go for a single plan that is $9.99 for a month, or select family plan of $14.99 that is a cool deal. Best thing is Spotify provides special membership program for the students, with over 50% discount.