Buying a car should always follow your needs and the purpose of the car. As making a car, the manufacturer designs their vehicles differently which serves different purposes according to the buyer’s needs.

With that being said, it is very important that there should always be types of vehicles available on the automobile market so that you can drive comfortably and safely especially for the benefit of your passengers. Buying the wrong car will also cost you a lot of money minus the comfort and the optimum usability of the car.

To help you out choose the car that suits best your needs and wants, you should check out a complete list of the different types of cars regardless if it is cheap cars or expensive cars.

  1. Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)– This type of vehicle seems do not have the feature of its name, however, the car is designed for the tougher and rougher terrains because of its maximum off-road capability. It is very ideal for families because of its spacious and a number of seats inside along with a bigger cabin space which can load up more luggage than other cars.
  2. Sedan– If the SUV is too big for you, maybe a sedan will be your best fit. This car has a body type which is designed for those who wants flexibility and compact driving. Even though it is smaller, it was able to meet the demands of the majority of car owners because of the availability of baggage, ample seats, and driving comfort. There are different types of sedans you can choose from; a fastback sedan, a chauffeured sedan, notchback, and hardtop.
  3. Shuttle car– This specific type of car is designed for family passengers because of its minimum cargo space which is designed to load more passengers.
  4. Minivan– This vehicle is designed to load more passengers. It can accommodate up to twenty passengers depending on the number of seats inside. Usually, minivans have a spacious interior, comfortable and ideal for long travels and tours.
  5. Hatchback– This type of vehicle can feature a lighter cargo with easy access to its rear while some hatchback models are known for being very compact and have a spacious interior that can load up to six passengers.
  6. Coupes– The coupe is a type of luxury car that has a two-door and is often loaded with an engine for a sports car. Usually, this type of car is for the upper society because it will totally cost you a fortune.
  7. Convertible– People call this car the drop-top because it comes with a retractable or removable top which is very appealing and laid-back. Usually, convertibles offer the driver and the passenger the maximum ventilation and ease of access.
  8. Hybrid electric car– Considered as the future of cars, it is a combination of the electric propulsion system and a combustion engine that provides the vehicle the best performance and the best fuel economy with lesser carbon emission to help the environment. To find out more click reference here.