What is the best protein?

If we have experience in the sector, we will quickly know why to opt-out. However, if it is our first time, the sensation will be similar to that of a child who visits a candy store for the first time: he is willing to buy, but he does not decide why, due to the high existing offer…

The concentration index, the isolate or casein content

There are also other subtypes of protein supplements, which differ mainly by the way of preparation. Even so, it is surprising to know that in spite of varying so much in the methods or formulas of preparation, in the end, the benefits between one and the other are not so remarkable, but still worth knowing those differences

protein supplements

  • Protein with higher concentrated index: It is a source of protein for moderate absorption, ideal for consumption between meals and for those who just start the gym.
  • Protein with higher isolated index: It refers to a rapidly absorbing whey protein, recommended for athletes who train at a higher intensity. It should be taken immediately post-workout to allow the transport of proteins and amino acids to muscle cells.
  • Protein with higher casein content: This substance is characterized by having a much longer absorption period than the previous two. In general, the most experienced usually take it as their last meal before going to sleep, since it promotes a greater flow of amino acids throughout the night, allowing greater muscle recovery and therefore, promoting growth.

Once knowing all these points, it will be easier to choose a protein that suits the needs of each person, so there is no risk of buying a bad product or good product, but unsuitable for a certain training or diet.

Concentrated whey protein

This is the most common and cheapest form of whey protein available. Milk protein goes through several filters, but lactose and fat are not completely eliminated. The absorption process is easier than in the other types of whey, making your digestion slower. The protein content of these products is usually between 70 and 80%.